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cheesy crazy momo

Cheesy Crazy Momos

About Us

We are Cheesy Crazy Momos, and we’re here to change the way you think about momos. We started Cheesy Crazy Momos in 2023, and our specialty is serving varieties of veg and non-veg momos. At Cheesy Crazy Momos, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite momo without having to compromise on quality or taste. That’s why we use only the highest quality raw materials to make sure that every bite is as delicious as possible!

We’ve been successful in changing the perception of customers about traditional momos–all with different tastes, so you can satisfy all taste buds! We believe in using ethically inclined business practices to set up an example for ourselves and others. We believe in the power of momos.

Franchise Model

  • Area required: 80-100 sq. Ft
  • Franchise fees: 1 lakh
Sl. No.ParticularsAmount
1Equipment cost1 Lakh
2Setup cost (Cart)1.5 Lakhs
3Franchise fee1 Lakh
4Branding50 K
5Refundable deposit50 K
6hardware and software50 K
 Total5 Lakhs

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Cheesy Crazy Momos

Key Features

  • 60% margin
  • ROI in 6 months
  • Ready all planning and execution plans
  • Use 360 degree advertising for promotion
  • Back hand 24X7 support
  • Own manufacturer to supply raw material
  • Less investment, high ROI

Brand Origin








Customer Focus
We value and respect everyone who comes through our doors. We strive to listen & serve them a genuine experience of enjoying the authentic taste of Momos.
Following the highest standards of Integrity not only in terms of taste but originality of Raw materials used in momos preparation at Cheesy Crazy Momos.
Cheesy Crazy Momos uphold the belief that we work best when we work together and share experiences and perspectives to bring great ideas & innovations to the table.


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Cheesy Crazy Momos
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