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About Us

Every concept begins with a problem. Ours was straightforward: glasses are prohibitively expensive.

We constantly think about how we can do more and have a greater impact, and it all starts with redefining what a company and industry are. We dream of showing that it is possible to develop a business, be profitable, and do good in the world without charging a premium for it. And we’ve discovered that achieving that aim necessitates creativity, empathy, and innovation.

In our opinion, game-changing innovation should not be seen as a luxury reserved for a few groups of people. Consequently, we are bringing you the most advanced glasses technology available on the market at an unheard-of low cost.

Eyefoster is the name of the company that my long-term friend Parag and I started in 2020 after deciding to quit our jobs and start our businesses together. As our studies came to an end, we founded the firm with our college pals, but we wanted to learn more about business, so we moved to Ahmedabad, India, in the spring of 2019. That’s when I met Parag, and the two of us decided to quit our jobs and co-found our company.

Eyefoster’s objective is to inspire and impact the world via vision, purpose, and style.

Eyefoster was founded to provide an alternative. We can provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price by avoiding traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and communicating with customers directly.

We believe that purchasing glasses should be simple and enjoyable. It should make you happy, appealing, and leave you with money in your pocket.

Franchise Model

HEADS                                                             Amount(INR)
Franchise Fees                                                 1,25,000
Furniture, Interior, Branding & Signage      5,00,000
(may vary)
Eye & Lens Testing Machinery                       2,25,000
Computer, Software & Miscellaneous          1,50,000
Stock                                                                   4.00,000
Total                                                                   14 L + GST
Operational Expenditure – Monthly

HEADS                                                                            Amount(INR)
Rentals ( not included if you have a space )                 25,000 (Avg.)
Optometrists                                                                     25,000
Miscellaneous( Electricity, Internet, etc.)                      10,000
Total                                                                                    60,000

• Carpet Area – 150 to 250 sq. ft.
• Both commercial and residential area preferred
• Areas nearby food joints, grocery stores, chemists,
school preferred
• Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities Shop Rent 20k – 30k preferred
• Tier 1 & Metro Cities Shop Rent 30K – 50k preferred     

Contact for The Eyefoster

Contact Us

Key Features

• Brand Name Benefit
• We are operating from more than 5 years
• Multi Branded Store
• All Range of Eyewear
• No Advertisement Needed & All Marketing activity is managed by Eyefoster
• Zero risk on stocks ( Rollover on Regular Basis)
• High margin products
• Staff hiring and training is exclusively managed by Eyefoster
• Location search & finalization is assisted by Eyefoster
• Initial brand activation through local media
• Site selection and interior furnishing
• Periodic Store Audit & IT Solutions

Brand Origin








There’s nothing difficult about it. Good vision, Good outcome.
What are our current circumstances?

We have continually focused on our clients and their pleasure over the last two years, and the results have been obvious. That is why, in such a short period of time, we have climbed to become one of the most popular eyewear brands in the country.

Here’s where we are at the moment.

A selection of over 1000 trendy products. In the previous two years, we have sold over 10,000 glasses with 4.5 star ratings
What makes us unique?
  • Unparalleled Shopping Experience
  • Unique and Innovative Collections
  • 1000+ Youth-Oriented Designs
  • Weekly Trendy Additions
  • High Quality Product Material
  • Free Shipping & Easy Returns



Contact for The Eyefoster

Contact Us
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