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Food Mohalla

About Us

The Food Mohalla was established in 2017 in Navsari (Gujarat). The core idea behind FOOD MOHALLA is to provide wholesome food with the various delicacies spread across the menu & our pizza is the most recognized food item in the world. We provide you with daily self-made bread, sourdough pizza, burgers, pasta, and many more.

FOOD MOHALLA is always looking for passionate, smart working partners to help us expand into new markets as we continue to grow our brand worldwide. We provide best-in-class training and development in all areas of our business, in addition to on-the-ground support.

We care for every age group of people who like food. We are serving India’s Most cheesy pizza burger with quality raw materials and a hygienic cooking process in our SOP(Standard Operating Process).

Franchise Model


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Key Features

System & Support:-
1. POS Billing & Separate Application Panel
2. SMS & Whatsapp Marketing Support
3. Social Media Support
4. Regular Food Innovations
5. Registration Support with Online Delivery Channels
6. Raw Material Setup & Kitchen Staff Training Support
7. Regular visit of company employees
8. Marketing Guidelines & Sales grow up Guidelines
9. Standard layout given by Company
10. Grand Opening Event Planning & Guidelines Support

Brand Origin








Advantages Of Food Mohalla Franchise:-
(A) Tested Unique Business model
(B) Excellent margin
(C) Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of business
(D) Simple, healthy and Delicious taste to increase the foot falls
(E) Regular Research and development to provide new mouthwatering products
(F) A unique & best in class concept targeted to a huge market
(G) Continuous training for operations and recruiting assistance
(H) Lifetime training support 
(I) We believe in 100% transparency
(J) Unlimited Growth Opportunity
(K) Quick ROI
(L) Staff Training and support by Brand
(M) Help in Marketing
(N) Local PR and Influencer support

Brand is Offering Franchise Network across India.
Team – Food Mohalla


Contact for Food Mohalla

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