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MVP Mumbai vada pav rec

MVP Mumbai Vada Pav

About Us

MVP Mumbai Vada Pav is the registered trademark owned by M/s Samaira Cuisine Pvt Ltd.

Founder Facts:

 Mr Sandeep Subhedar is a Chartered accountant by profession ,a Company Secretary & has several other acadamic qualifications from esteemed educational institutes.

Mr Sanat Kumar   is a Bachelors Of Engineer (Mechanical ) graduate ,with Masters in Business Administration (Marketing ) from reputed educational institutes.

The founders, Mr Sandeep & Mr Sanat are foodies and they both like exploring delicacies from different parts of the world.
On their first visit to Indore, they desperately searched for Vadapav as they hail from Mumbai and Vadapav is a
so-called staple food of Mumbaikars.
After a lot of searches, they came across Vada Pav (locally know as Aloo Vada) but authentic taste was nowhere near.
With a lot of research, Mr Sandeep & Mr Sanat came up with the idea of opening Vadapav Outlet in Indore with the taste of their hometown Mumbai. 

Today MVP Mumbai Vada Pav Serves 20 Variety Of Vada Pav, 4 Types Of Misal Pav, 4 Specialty Pav Bhajis & Upwas Special Sabudana Vada

What is your USP?
1.Price : Our Vadapav and Misal Pav is affordable to a all types of customers.
2.Authentic Taste : We serve you exactly the Lip smacking authentic taste of Vada Pav and
Misal Pav along with other cuisines. Our Masala is our secret to the authentic taste!
3.Fresh serving : We daily prepare fresh and serve hot food with strict quality standards.
4.Quality : Our quality is just like Home made food. We don’t reuse oil for frying till it gets
5.Hygiene : We maintain proper hygiene at all stages of food preparation and delivery.
6.Easy to Customize : Vadapav and Misal Pav is a customizable fast food. We have
introduced Cheese / Mayonnaise / Butter Fry as addons. Additionally, we have Kothimbir Vadi,
Golden Ball, Soft drinks, Tea/Coffee to our Main Menu.
7.Feedback : Approximately 98% of our customers are returning customers be it at our outlet as
well as on food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy or in any food exhibition.

Franchise Model

  • FOFO (Franchisee Owned & Franchisee operated)
Sl. No.ParticularsAmount
1Kitchen setup cost2-3 Lakhs
2Setup cost2-3 Lakhs
3Franchise fee1.5 Lakhs
4Marketing Cost50 K
 Total6-8 Lakhs

The Monthly Royalty in the case of   FOFO will be 5% of the Sales. (After One Month Of Opening)

In the estimated Turnover and Cost analysis tables(To Be Shared In One To One Meeting)
we can arrive at the Return on Investment (ROI):

ROI= Net Profit/ Setup Cost*100
= 8,90,796/8,00,000*100
= 111%

Obviously, as an investor, you would be interested to know the payback period for
the potential investment which you intend to make in this venture.
(Payback period is the period in which you are able to recover your setup cost)
That is,

Total setup cost/Net profit*12 months

=11 months

Contact for MVP Mumbai Vada Pav

MVP Mumbai Vada Pav

Key Features

Why should you Invest???
• Lowest Franchise Investment Cost compared to other Food Industries.
• High Returns on investment.
• Payback period on your investments is less than a year.
• Fast selling food item reduces your Inventory holding cost.
• Affordable to all types of customers rich or poor as our products are at very resonable prices.
• Vadapav and Misal Pav are the fastest selling items. They are mostly ordered by commercial and industrial units
in bulk orders for their canteen or events.
• You can reach a huge customer base visiting the outlet through Walk-in or through Zomato & Swiggy.
• Low cost advertisement. As mouth publicity is guaranteed and the name Mumbai Vadapav is in itself an
• We also allow our franchisee to participate in Food Festivals via Food Stalls /Counters where they can get bonus

Brand Origin








For our franchise, you will require:

1. Minimum 4 Staff are required.
2. Minimum 400 sq.ft. area shop located at prime areca e.g. Market, Railway station, School/College etc.
3. Masala for Vadapav and Misal Pav shall be purchased exclusively from the Franchisor.
4. Other Food Consumables shall be procured from local market as per specified quality and quantity.
5. The changes in Menu and price are subject to prior approval of Franchisor.


Contact for MVP Mumbai Vada Pav

MVP Mumbai Vada Pav
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