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the flying saucer 01

Flying Saucer

About Us

Started its journey with The Flying Saucer version 2.0. located in Nehru Place, New Delhi, this brand became popular for the sensational star performances and breathtaking Sufi nights. Being such a hit in the National Capital, the Flying Saucer experience was shared with the city of Pune under the name of The Flying Saucer Sky Bar. With 32,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, it has the largest stand-alone bar not only in Pune. Overwhelmed by the love, The Flying Saucer has expanded to Gurgaon, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Kanpur. The brand is now ready to welcome even more patrons with its franchises in Guwahati and Indore. The food menu of The Flying Saucer Café has specials from all over the world and is an amalgamation of cuisines that offer you global flavours. “An out-of-the-world experience”

Franchise Model

  • FOFO (Franchisee Owned & Franchisee operated)
1.  The franchisor will provide all the operational expertise but all cost for  Implementation & running will be borne by Franchisee. 2.   The franchisor will provide all the marketing  & branding support but all cost for Implementation & running will be borne by the Franchisee.  3.  The concept of restaurant & designing will be taken care of by franchisee but the contractual work & implantation on site will be taken care of by the      franchisee. 4.  The Monthly Royalty in the case of   FOFO will be 8% of the Net Sales.
  • FOCO (Franchisee Owned & Company Operated)      
  1. The Franchisor shall be responsible for the running, operations and management of the Franchised Outlet.
     2. The Franchisor may at its sole discretion carry out marketing, advertising& promotional expenses etc. for the promotion of business of the Franchised Outlet and shall debit the expenses to the profit and loss account of the outlet.      3.  The Franchisor shall be responsible for the day to day maintenance, repair, upkeep and correct usage of all equipment’s, fixtures, furniture, crockery & cutlery items, furnishings, linen & all other items fitted or used in the Franchised Outlet and will debit to the profit & Loss account of the Outlet.      4.   The Monthly Royalty in the case of   FOCO will be 10% of the Net Sales.
Sl. No. Brand Name(s) Standard Franchisee Fee      Space Required in Sq Ft. (Approx.)
1 The Flying Saucer Café 50 Lakhs 4000 – 8000

Key Features



First Fiddle Restaurants is one of the largest F&B company in the casual dining segment in India with a turnover of
around 300 crores. The major brands include Lord of the Drinks, Tamasha, The Flying Saucer Cafe and Teddy Boy.


The company is dedicated to being a game changer in the F&B industry with the introduction of ‘concept’ restaurants &
overwhelming its customers with creative, unique & pleasant ambience.


We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past twenty years We are a professional company successfully
running more than 30 outlets pan India.


We believe that quality and taste is extremely important, and therefore use the very highest quality of raw material, so
that there are no issues at all of quality and taste, which eventually builds trust, and leads a loyal customer support
base. We are well known place for celebrities and big corporate houses too.


Our Fusion food menu offers innovative and always fresh items which are unique to our brand.


We do many things to create awareness for your outlet. Right from a professional launch with attractive offers and
promotion schemes during the launch week, to regular multiple promotion offers, advertising campaigns, membership
schemes, online tie-ups and social media participation, we do it all.


We offer margins that are unparalleled. While most Franchises offer normally 25-30 % gross margins (which can hardly
cover costs), we offer almost 70 % gross margin, leading to a net profit margin of 45-50 %.

This is a very high margin, possible only in food industry. We believe the philosophy of mutual respectable profit
sharing with our partners.


The restaurant includes unique entertainment elements like a huge video projection screen with unique entertainment
videos ,Photo Points for selfies and group photos, On-demand Juke box for playing songs chosen by our customers,
Artist performances etc. This ensures a joyful experience for our customers creating high customer loyalty.


We have a professional team of food developers, food designers, and multiple master chefs. We regularly keep
introducing new and Internationally successful products, so as to keep our outlets relevant and contemporary.


We also help in recruiting management level & kitchen main staffs like head chef. We provide complete and proper
training to the Franchisee owner and his staff and ensure smooth functioning of the restaurant.


We have a professional team of managers and assistants to help you improve your business, or solve any problems you
may have. We have the expertise of developing the business of our franchisees by giving them valuable support for
promotion, providing new items, trained chef supply when required, modern management methods, professionally
designed occasion based offers, online awareness, etc. leaving you free to take care of the running of your outlet.

Brand Origin




New Delhi


New Delhi

Contact for Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer


 The above cost of Approx. 3500 -4000 (INR) in the formula includes as follow

  • Designing & Interiors
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Plumbing, sanitary and drainage
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Kitchen Equipment’s
  • Crockery
  • Civil Works
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Music Systems
  • Signage, Graphics, Menu boards, etc.
  • Any other Equipment’s as per the design standards prescribed by the Franchisor.
  • Entertainment system set up including LED TV, Audio system etc.

(Condition apply * – The above expenses can change depending upon circumstances & local factors)

Other expenses inputs in the formula above:

  1. Upfront fee/Brand fee paid to the franchisor (As the brand fee is different for the different Brands as of above)

       2. Standard Franchise Fee for India (Subject to revision on the sole discretion of the          Franchisor / Brand Owner


Contact for Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer
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